Who should change? You? Or your treasury system?

Medium-sized companies often use extensive Excel files, that have grown over the years to manage their liquidity management. Some even use complex macros, but in most cases, the four eyes principle is not enforced. If someone changes a value or a formula, this can hardly be proven, but can have significantconsequences for the company. 

Complex calculations sometimes lead to rounding differences, formula errors lead to incorrect results and, finally, the tables do not offer any search functions because they are not databases. 

Switching to a professional Treasury Management System (TMS), in which all financial and hedging transactions, all bank accounts and sales, even sucurities and guarantees can be properly managed, analyzed and simulated, is often not dared for various reasons: 

It costs too much: possible, but you can quickly check which way of working is more economical and easier.

No time to get started: probably because you can’t work efficiently with the current systems. 

No staff left: You don’t need it. Our people have managed implementations at many customers. Our staff take a lot of work out of hands. Alternatively, an external consultant can help.

But then my colleagues have to work overtime: This may be possible, but if that is the case, usually only for a short period. With our help, you can get started in a few weeks. We relieve you of some of the work and we tailor the training to you. 

But for that I definitely need special, new hardware and software?: No, internet access and a web browser are sufficient, as the application is implemented individually for you in our ISO27001-certified data center in a private cloud. 

Trinity TMS is definitely difficult to use? You have to learn everything first, including Excel. However, we have designed our system in such a way that you think in many places that you are working in EXCEL. The workflows in the various modules are also designed in a similar way, so that you can quickly find your way around. 

But we have grown so special and over the years with complex processes, you certainly cannot map everythingWe like to give it a try. We cannot do everything, but so far there has only been a little that could not be represented in our flexible configurable solution. 

Is our financial data safe in the cloud? With Trinity yes, because we do not implement in the global public cloud, but rent hardware exclusively for you in a protected data center (therefore private cloud) with numerous security precautions. The failure data centers are all located in 3 locations in Germany And access is via the Internet? It is compatible with all common browsers and even allows you to work from your home office during these times. 

Try it out, we look forward to your call!