Training Treasury Projects

How to make them your success!

Statistics show that:

  • 77% of projects are not delivered within time & budget
  • 59% of these issues are caused by asymmetric information
  • 41% of failed projects are caused by the lack of solid project management
  • 64% of the hidden costs are underestimated

Last but not least: a successful IT project can make your career.

What will you gain?

The purpose of the training is to give the participants the required fundamentals to successfully deliver a project which: identifies the need of technology, selects the right tools and implement the chosen solution in a controlled environment. Typical project pitfalls will also be discussed.

Course content

  • Identifying the need for technology
  • Defining your requirements
  • Building a project team
  • The merits of external consultants
  • Commitment and Budget
  • The selection process
  • The pitfalls

“A certificate of the WIELTEC academy is a valuable asset”