Banking Independency

Typical questions you would like to answer:

  1. What happens if your bank withdraws from your market?
  2. How do you become less dependent of your bank?
  3. How can you increase visibility on all banking fees?
  4. How do you streamline your treasury process?
  5. How do you select a new bank platform?

WIELTEC bank independency services

The withdrawal of RBS in 25 countries affected many corporates and financial institutions; other banks might follow. As a result you may consider a bank selection process. Perhaps you would like to evaluate your complete banking portfolio pro-actively.

Since the outcome of the services offered by banks are difficult to manage, it is important to communicate clearly and set the right expectations.

Only then, disappointment can be avoided.

WIELTEC can advise you on the following matters:

  • Evaluate your bank portfolio & wallet
  • Assess cash management strategy & operations
  • Initiate bank tenders (RFP)
  • Evaluate responses (from long list to short list)
  • Fee negotiations
  • Bank migration