Epson Europe upgrades to MultiCash 4

After working with MultiCash version 3 (since 2015), the Finance & Treasury team of Epson Europe Amsterdam decided it was time to start using the complete redeveloped version of MultiCash.

MultiCash 4 is an established and popular solution suite, meeting the expectations of clients. The integrated solution has an international focus with integration of multiple formats, languages and other specialities. The modular design, allows functionality to be extended when needed.

For instance: MultiCash 4 allows payments to be automatically retrieved from a defined source directory and sent to a bank (or banks).

Balance and transaction information can be automatically collected from the bank(s) and forwarded to one or more applications.

A File manager allows customers to create personal signatures before sending files. In addition, the contents of the files can be viewed and the communication status can be tracked. 

An Event manager allows for checking of pre-defined events in the program sequence and for the information of administrators about the respective status.

The solution includes: Email Notification Manager, Unit Segregation.

The bank connections and communication orders for separate corporate units can be managed separately, but the logical separation means that a global view for authorized users is also possible.

MultiCash 4 offers the highest security standards for the best possible data protection and compliance at all levels.

Together with Omikron, the solution will be implemented early 2023.