Effective Cash Management

Typical questions you would like to answer:

  1. How can you decrease your working capital?
  2. How much is your bank charging?
  3. How efficient is your cash management structure?
  4. Notional pooling versus zero balancing?
  5. How can you get cash flow planning on the agenda?


WIELTEC cash management services

Since the crisis of 2008, the difference between profit and cash has become even more evident. The merits of centralizing cash in an effective way are often underestimated. When cash flow planning is done with full support of the organization, the cost of capital will be reduced.

Another example of cash management issues occur when companies grow by mergers or acquisitions. Often the newly acquired treasury operation needs to be integrated with the existing one. In addition, you might prefer to focus on your core business rather than on treasury, which could trigger a business case to outsource (part of) your treasury.

WIELTEC can analyze your cash management process and advice on:

  • Centralize cash
  • Cash management products
  • Notional pooling
  • Setting up an in-house bank
  • Netting
  • Multi bank solutions
  • Treasury outsourcing