Set up you global payment & collection factory with MultiCash Transfer

Working with multiple bank applications is time consuming: several tokens and passwords…

We offer a bank independent electronic banking system to connect your banks: MultiCash

The benefits of MultiCash are:

  • A single interface to view your balances andmanage your payments
  • One type of security token/passwordaround the world
  • Improve straight through processing
  • Save time & money
  • Software as a Service

Improve efficiency levels for payments

Payments business is a critical and highly sensitive task for every corporate. As a result, an increasing number of corporates are moving away from working models in which each department defines its own responsibilities and workflows. Often this is linked to the use of multiple e-banking systems, which leads to a higher level of complexity and more work, bother for operational users and administrators. It is also more difficult to maintain control and protect the solutions from attacks.

Standardized and automated

With the MultiCash Payment Factory you are able to establish a consistent, cross-departmental and collaborative process for payments. All national and international payments can be consolidated to one point and processed automatically. The exact functional range can be tailored to meet your individual requirements: the core solution can be extended to include functions for cash management, trade and bank relationship management (bank account management and bank charges). If needed, files can be converted and forwarded to/from the appropriate systems based on an intelligent routing mechanism. Benefits to the corporate are significant: straight-through processing levels are increased, a multi-tier cash management ensures day-to-day liquidity is optimized, and bank relationships can be managed centrally. For corporates who decide to operate the MultiCash Payment Factory as a managed service, even greater cost-efficiencies are possible.

From classic E-Banking to the International Payment Factory

We support your way from classic E-Banking to the International Payment Factory. Take advantage of the new possibilities.

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