The Trinity TMS

The Trinity TMS is a user-friendly treasury solution that enables treasurers around the world to streamline and automate their treasury processes as much as possible.

The solution helps treasurers around the world to get answers to the daily questions in Treasury:

  1. How much cash do I have today and tomorrow?
  2. Has my risk changed?
  3. What actions do I need to take?
  4. How do I stay ahead of the game?

The solution has been developed by Trinity Management Systems GmbH; a German based company that has been active for over 25 years as a software provider. The application is used by a wide range of companies with a turnover between EUR 1-22bln. Trinity is privately owned and has grown by its own merits. The benefit is that customers are supported by a supplier with a long-term view which is not distracted by short-term gains.

The international team, of which the majority is based in Frankfurt am Main, is very experienced and offers a high degree of system knowledge and treasury expertise.

Data Security

Trinity offers its customers a “private cloud solution” in which the data is only stored on servers located in Germany. As an ISO 27001 / IKS PS 951 and PS 983-certified full-service IT provider, our datacentre is specialized in highly available IT services for banks, stock exchanges and financial service providers and meets the highest data security requirements. As a result, the EU-US Privacy Shield is irrelevant for our corporate-, municipality- and bank customers using the Trinity TMS.

Supported Processes

  • Global cash visibility, day to day cash management & reconciliation
  • Global liquidity planning
  • Financial transactions (loans / IRS / FX / CCSwaps)
  • Generation of payment instructions
  • Inhouse banking
  • Limits versus utilisation 
  • Netting
  • Generation of journal entries
  • Trade Finance (Guarantees / LoC)
  • Automated (Flexible) Reporting

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