Training Foreign Exchange Risk

Understand and respond to foreign exchange risk in your business

What wil you gain?

An understanding of the different types of FX risk. The ability to advise both commercial operations and senior management about FX risks and the reponses available to meet those risks. An understanding of some of the instruments used to manage FX risks around this, together with the controls that should be used to deal with those risks.

Course content

  • Measuring FX risk
  • Risk Management instruments
  • How does it work in practice?
  • Control mechanisms

The following topics will be touched upon:

FX categories

  • Economic
  • Pre-translation
  • Transaction
  • Translation

Risk management instruments

  • Spots
  • Forwards
  • Swaps
  • Options

Trading methods and FX facilities

  • Suppliers
  • Communication methods
  • Confirmations
  • EMIR reporting

A risk framework

  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk response

Operational controls

  • Mandates
  • Settlement instructions
  • Accounting

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