Our team offers specialized Software & Services in the field of Treasury. What makes us unique?

WIELTEC people have a solid treasury background.

We have done your work so we understand the problems you face.


Treasury is a specialism. Due to several factors, an organisation’s treasury function is often sub optimally set-up and/or managed.

As an independent company, we are proud to offer advisory on the following subjects:

  • Interim Treasury Management

  • Review and/or design of treasury policies and organisation

  • FX and/or interest rate risk management

  • Selection and implementation of a cash management bank

We understand today’s treasury challenges!!


The Trinity TMS is a state of the art treasury management system. The software is developed by Trinity Management Systems GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. The solution helps treasurers around the world to get answers to the daily questions in Treasury:

  • How much cash do I have today and tomorrow?

  • Has my risk changed?

  • What actions do I need to take?

  • How do I stay ahead of the game?

Check out the website www.trinitytms.com for more detailed information, customer stories, and news

Treasury insights

Treasury Insights

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The company was founded by Philip Wielenga, a certified treasurer with more than 15 years of hands-on experience. Together with our team we are dedicated to servicing our clients.