Are you spending too much time with cash management?

Is your reporting cycle depending on different systems / sources?

Do you still manage your financial transactions in Excel?

Is your liquidity planning process time consuming?

Do you have a clear view on your risk?

Are you working with different electronic banking systems?

If the majority of the answers on the above questions are answered with a ‘yes’, you have found the right company.

WIELTEC can help you to improve these processes.

We offer treasury advisory, training and software. We help corporates in different sizes with the optimisation of their treasury operations.

Our office is based in Wassenaar (NL) from where we serve customers in the Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.


We live in a world that changes continuously. The complex business environment and increased regulation, require you to organise your finance department strategically. As CFO, Corporate Finance Director or Treasurer, it is important that you are able to identify and manage your financial risks in an efficient way.

Important aspects are an effective cash management, the suffucient access to liquidity, and the management and mitigation of risks. Last but not least, it is of course important to  to comply with local regulations.

Since 2011, we help corporates in different sizes with the optimisation of their treasury operations with advice, training and a support of best in class treasury software.


Meet your peers and learn by sharing your experiences!

What makes WIELTEC academy special?

  • Our trainings are practical & interactive.
  • We are able to attract an exclusive group of treasury and finance professionals.
  • We invite participants to present their case studies.
  • The groups are small, the setting is atmospheric.
  • Our tutors are experienced. They have an extensive track record.
  • Valuable industry networking opportunities complement the practical skills you will learn.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

After the training, the participants are invited for informal drinks.


WIELTEC is a certified implementation partner of Trinity Management Systems GmbH in Frankfurt. This boutique treasury software house offers a user-friendly treasury solution that enables treasurers around the world to streamline and automate their treasury processes as much as possible.

Automate your treasury with the Trinity TMS

Next to that, WIELTEC has a long lasting partnership with Omikron Systemhaus, based in Cologne. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector Omikron Systemhaus is a leading supplier of e-banking solutions.

Connect your banks with  MultiCash

What makes us unique?

WIELTEC consultants have a solid treasury and IT background.

Treasury Insights

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